Wednesday, September 24, 2014

rough days and rats

it hasn't been the best of days around here.  luke has been sick (for the second time this month)… and he's so very pathetic.  he starts coughing… then has a hard time breathing, his tummy hurts from coughing, he wheezes and pants and groans.  he wouldn't be away from me for about 48 hours.  eat, sleep, bathroom.  all of it he was on my lap.  awesome.

two things i'm thankful for from these last two rough days… first of all, i listened to a "mom talk" as i was holding his hand trying to get him to sleep last night (for 2 hours).  it helped change my perspective… i went from frustration because i just wanted to be in my bed to thankful that i could be a comfort to him.  i'm reading a book and the author dedicates it to her parents saying "before i knew what God thought of me, I knew what you thought of me, and it set me up to follow your reckless faith…"  i've been thinking about that lately.  though we will never be able to love as God does, i want to give myself to love my kids well so that they will know the extravagant love God has for them.  then, they will grow up looking for the kindness and goodness of God because He certainly is kind and good.  

the second thing i'm thankful for is that because luke was sick he was up in the night twice… at the exact time that a rat was chewing his way into our kitchen.  twice!  our kitchen is half wall, half screen. it's always been part screen and there have always been rats.  but last night i was up twice (the first time i woke danny up because i heard them in our kitchen) and both times as we went into the kitchen it ran out the hole it had just chewed in our screen.  we have caught a lot of baby rats (which i hate but can deal with… kind of.  except the time i stepped on one when i went to the bathroom at night.  that made me jumpy and crazy for days.)  but, i really hate the big ones.  they are HUGE here and i just hate them.  we weren't able to get the screen fixed today.  so, we have four different approaches to keeping them away tonight.  sweet potatoes, peppermint oil, moth balls, and traps.  so, this sounds like complaining… and it is a little bit and i feel okay about it… but i really am thankful that luke woke up in the night at just the right time.  who knows what that rat would have done in our kitchen… 

the pictures are totally unrelated but i think they're funny.  mary's grumpy face more represents mine and luke's the last two days and luke's happy face is how mary has been.  the girl loves her brother.  she has been overly sweet and thoughtful towards him while he hasn't felt well.  giving up cuddle time with me, letting him choose the video (because we've watched a lot of them!), getting his water, blanket, crayons, and everything else he's asked for.  

i'm hoping i wake up to a healthy boy and no evidence of rats in our kitchen… but if not, God is still good. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

they love school! usually.

it's catch up time on the blog...

a few months ago mary performed in her school's end of the year performance.  it was really cute.  the kids had different costumes and dances from different people groups around the country (indonesia is an incredibly diverse place!).  we love her school… it's God-centered, small, creative, and our kids love it!  it's in indonesian though a few teachers can speak a bit of english and the head master is super fluent (so she helps the kids if they need it).  we've been so thankful for it… it seems like a great fit for our kids.  

and a few weeks after the performance school started back up.  their first day of school… mary in TK-B (which is equivalent to kindergarten here) and luke in Playgroup B.  mary goes from 8-11:30 everyday and luke goes 8-10 everyday.  

luke had a bit of a hard time going to school at first (and then again after he was out sick for a few days) but i think he's finally going in without hesitation now… as of two days ago.  :)  mary screamed for about 3 months when she was in playgroup so i feel like luke is doing pretty well.  but even when they were sad to go in they always came out so happy and love telling me about what they did at school that day.  he likes to report on the naughty kids everyday… i think it's hilarious because as if he isn't naughty!?!  :)  mary loves school also.  she is starting to speak more and more indonesian… she has been slow to communicate it so it's fun to see it finally coming out of her mouth.  she loves her teachers and always wants to make crafts and invite them over for lunch after school.  one day you may get an invitation, miss esther.  :)  

the other beauty of their school is that there is a gym in the same building so i get to work out without kids everyday!  it's been a long, long time since i've been this consistent in exercising and i'm really enjoying it.  and i'm meeting all kinds of interesting women… unlike any i've met here in indonesia.  :)  i just kind of laugh and awkwardly walk out of the locker room thinking 'did she really just say that?!?' with each new situation i learn something new here.  

Thursday, September 11, 2014

happy 69th birthday indonesia!

a few weeks ago we celebrated indonesia's independence day.  luke is clearly running for Mr. Indoensia.  :)  

the morning started early… the "health walk" was a 6am, the kids registered their bikes before the walk and then they were judged for the bicycle decorating competition.  6am, people.  why, oh indonesians, must you wake up so early?!?!  

we decorated our bikes the night before and i thought they looked pretty good.  i mean, i had steamers, hand made signs and indonesian flags.  then we saw luke's friend's tricycle that was made into an airplane and his other friend's bike was a huge duck (which her dad worked on for a week!)… and i became well aware of my inadequacies.  inadequacies that i'm totally okay with.  my kids liked their bikes, we spent about an hour on it and we were all happy.  :)  i hope they forget about their friends'  bikes before next years competition…. i can't live up to that standard.  

these are my good friends from my neighborhood and this picture makes me laugh.  it's kind of a perfect picture of them.  mbak saroh, the one giving the dirty look, is looking at her sister…. she's not mad, but she kind of looks like it, right?  these friends are madurese and we often compare them to the stereotypical new englander attitude.  from the outside they can seem a bit rough around the edges (and it's partly true)… but they are loyal, honest, helpful and funny!  i have become "normal" to them… there are many things that i'm sure they think are odd about me but i'm not special and i like that.  i'm so thankful for the friendship i have with them.  

and i'll finish up with my little miss indonesia  :)

thankful for this country we get to live in and call home!  merdeka!  :)