Thursday, September 11, 2014

happy 69th birthday indonesia!

a few weeks ago we celebrated indonesia's independence day.  luke is clearly running for Mr. Indoensia.  :)  

the morning started early… the "health walk" was a 6am, the kids registered their bikes before the walk and then they were judged for the bicycle decorating competition.  6am, people.  why, oh indonesians, must you wake up so early?!?!  

we decorated our bikes the night before and i thought they looked pretty good.  i mean, i had steamers, hand made signs and indonesian flags.  then we saw luke's friend's tricycle that was made into an airplane and his other friend's bike was a huge duck (which her dad worked on for a week!)… and i became well aware of my inadequacies.  inadequacies that i'm totally okay with.  my kids liked their bikes, we spent about an hour on it and we were all happy.  :)  i hope they forget about their friends'  bikes before next years competition…. i can't live up to that standard.  

these are my good friends from my neighborhood and this picture makes me laugh.  it's kind of a perfect picture of them.  mbak saroh, the one giving the dirty look, is looking at her sister…. she's not mad, but she kind of looks like it, right?  these friends are madurese and we often compare them to the stereotypical new englander attitude.  from the outside they can seem a bit rough around the edges (and it's partly true)… but they are loyal, honest, helpful and funny!  i have become "normal" to them… there are many things that i'm sure they think are odd about me but i'm not special and i like that.  i'm so thankful for the friendship i have with them.  

and i'll finish up with my little miss indonesia  :)

thankful for this country we get to live in and call home!  merdeka!  :)

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