Monday, September 22, 2014

they love school! usually.

it's catch up time on the blog...

a few months ago mary performed in her school's end of the year performance.  it was really cute.  the kids had different costumes and dances from different people groups around the country (indonesia is an incredibly diverse place!).  we love her school… it's God-centered, small, creative, and our kids love it!  it's in indonesian though a few teachers can speak a bit of english and the head master is super fluent (so she helps the kids if they need it).  we've been so thankful for it… it seems like a great fit for our kids.  

and a few weeks after the performance school started back up.  their first day of school… mary in TK-B (which is equivalent to kindergarten here) and luke in Playgroup B.  mary goes from 8-11:30 everyday and luke goes 8-10 everyday.  

luke had a bit of a hard time going to school at first (and then again after he was out sick for a few days) but i think he's finally going in without hesitation now… as of two days ago.  :)  mary screamed for about 3 months when she was in playgroup so i feel like luke is doing pretty well.  but even when they were sad to go in they always came out so happy and love telling me about what they did at school that day.  he likes to report on the naughty kids everyday… i think it's hilarious because as if he isn't naughty!?!  :)  mary loves school also.  she is starting to speak more and more indonesian… she has been slow to communicate it so it's fun to see it finally coming out of her mouth.  she loves her teachers and always wants to make crafts and invite them over for lunch after school.  one day you may get an invitation, miss esther.  :)  

the other beauty of their school is that there is a gym in the same building so i get to work out without kids everyday!  it's been a long, long time since i've been this consistent in exercising and i'm really enjoying it.  and i'm meeting all kinds of interesting women… unlike any i've met here in indonesia.  :)  i just kind of laugh and awkwardly walk out of the locker room thinking 'did she really just say that?!?' with each new situation i learn something new here.