Tuesday, October 21, 2014

lomba nyanyi

a few weeks ago mary competed in a singing competition with her school.  it was a big event at a (very old and potentially dangerous) amusement park… but my kids rode many rides are alive to tell about it.  :)  while they were busy playing i took a few photos of the adorable kids around me.  indonesian kids are just so cute!  

and to give you a window into our lives as foreigners here… this is the photo moments before i took the above photo.  i was kneeling down waiting for the mom to move and as soon as she did they saw me.  they started yelling, "watch out, watch out… there's a bule (white person)!"  the expression in that kid's eyes crack me up… clearly i'm a rare sight in his world.  :)

and here is mary singing.  she was beside herself with excitement.  it was so cute!  i love her goofy smile before they started their song.

and here are the singers is in action….  

they ended up getting fourth place in their division and she was so excited.  i loved seeing her with such joy on stage in front of so many people… i was a proud mama.  i also loved hearing the two americans sing their
patriotic indonesian songs with such gusto!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

i know how you feel, luke.

luke just turned the water on for the bath tub but the shower was on.  he was startled and started screaming and sobbing.  danny went running to the bath and was trying to make light of the catastrophe to calm luke down.  he happily said "it's like it's raining!  do i need to take you to the hospital?  do you need to go to america?!?"  and luke, through his sobs says, "i want to go to america… i want to live there foreevvveeeerrrr."   still sobbing, "is it cold there?  can i wear a jacket?!"  danny makes some funny comment and luke is already laughing… within minutes i hear luke telling mary how funny it was when the water showered on his head.  

i was listening to all this take place while finishing a sudoku puzzle in my room... i know, mom of the year right?!?  well, it kind of is our parenting philosophy… i don't always want to jump in and take opportunities from danny to care for and comfort the kids.  i digress.  back to me hearing luke's ridiculous wailing and the conversation that preceded…  i immediately thought, "i feel you, buddy.  i know exactly how you feel!"  we love indonesia and we're thankful to live here… but i'd be lying if i said i never said, through my tears, that same thing… " i want to go to america… i want to live there foreevvveeerrrr…."  it comes in phases… sometimes that comes out of my mouth every few months and sometimes it's every few weeks.  usually it comes after some major "catastrophe", equivalent to water falling on luke's head.  perhaps when i just want my house to feel normal (bug/rat/termite free and not 95 degrees) or when i want to make dinner but the i have to go to three stores to find chicken, broccoli and cheese (i mean, those are staples people!) or sometimes it's more serious, like when i just want to go out with "the girls" in america and laugh until it hurts.  but almost always, i'm fine within a few minutes or hours, just like luke.  i pray, God graciously reminds me that He hears my cry and is always enough and i have what i need to go on.  

sometimes i think it's the reality of life here… and that's okay.  i'm thankful that we have a God who can listen to our emotions and not judge us, however ridiculous or serious they may be.  and i'm also thankful that i can laugh at things that brought me to tears in the moment… like when i peeled out in a parking garage and fell off my motorcycle and my indonesian flashcards went flying everywhere (just like i imagine happening to the nerds in saved by the bell) and a stranger picked up my motorcycle and i got on and drove off without looking at anyone… bloody arm, weepy face and all.  apparently i didn't have the right registration to go into the parking garage but because we had only been here 2 months i had no idea what was going on… like a 3 year old.  like luke.  it wasn't funny then, but it is now.

**photo taken months ago in a blow up pool… though we have a very ugly bathroom our bathtub is not bright blue, luckily**

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

idul adha 1435

last week muslims all across the world celebrated idul adha.  it is the remembrance of God providing an animal for Abraham to sacrifice in place of his son. the morning starts with a corporate prayer time and then the sacrifice takes place.  here is a little look into the day.  

warning… these are graphic images.  

after the animals are sacrificed, they are cleaned, cut and divided by the men.  inside there is a group of women dividing the meat into 2lb bags to give to those in need.  there are families watching and kids playing with the goats. it's a full community event.

luke had the role of giving every goat their "last supper"… he loved feeding them and chatting with the people there.  

our kids actually watched a cow being sacrificed this year.  it gruesome but it's reality here.  they know that animals were sacrificed in the Old Testament and they know about the sacrifice of Jesus.  we were able to talk about what it meant for Jesus to be called the Lamb of God; He was the last and perfect sacrifice from God, for the forever forgiveness of our sins.  the reality is my sin put me in a place to receive death, but instead Jesus was sacrificed on humanities' behalf so that we all may have life.  we have much to be thankful for.  

that evening we had dinner with some of our friends who received the 2lbs of meat.  this is the only day of the year they make sate (grilled meat).  they don't have the traditional sate grill so they used some stones/bricks to make one.  usually the charcoal is fanned the entire time the meat is grilling, so they plugged a fan in on one side and fanned the other side with old plywood.  i think their set up is pretty creative.  :)  these photos aren't amazing, but i wanted to show the ending to the day… and where we usually hang out with our friends.  

the boys playing… 

luke and alif helping fanning the flames.

and then i put my camera away and enjoyed a stick of meat with friends.  :)  

Friday, October 10, 2014

mimi and papa have come and gone...

mimi and papa came last month and it was such a fun time.  i am so thankful that my parents come here so frequently… my kids absolutely LOVE the time with them.  

we went to taman safari, which is always fun.  my parents get to be the brave souls to take pictures with these animals.  so glad they got to do it rather than me.  way to go, mimi!  i couldn't get a photo in focus because i was so shaky and worried that little cat was going to go after my babies.  :)

mimi and papa were playing games with luke while waiting for the dolphin show… he couldn't figure out who was tapping his shoulder.  nice work, mimi.  

and then he proudly showed me his booger.  he's so gross. 

we did a little dental clinic in my bedroom one day.  fixed a few of our neighbor's teeth and then one of mine.  luke also gave mimi a routine physical.  

we also went to a village around mount bromo to run a 10k.  it was one of my favorite weekends last year and i convinced my dad how fun it was.  well, i got sick the day before and i wasn't able to run it.  sad!  but, the kids loved walking around the village and giving the runners high fives as they ran by.  

we also fit in a few yummy dinners out.  i really wanted to get pictures of my kids with mimi and papa this visit because i always regret not having more.  here is mary trying to convince luke to get in the picture.  i love her little face, she is such a mama to him.  she is also wearing a special necklace.  these are pearls that my grandmother gave me when i was younger.  mary knows they are from my grandma and are very special to me.  occasionally when she dresses up she asks if she can wear the special pearls.  thanks, grandma jb.  i love to see my little girl wear something special from you!  :)

mary and her best friend, mimi.  :)

and then we said goodbye.  luke has always been in love with papa and usually wants to be with him… but the last few days mimi won his heart.  it was so sweet.  here he is smashing his face against hers trying to make her laugh.  he's such a ham!  

luke is my emotional guy… it was the first time i think he understood that they were leaving and he wouldn't see them for awhile.  he teared up a few times later that day thinking of them… it was so sweet.  thanks for coming mom and dad!  we miss you and can't wait to see you again!