Monday, December 15, 2014

rowdy boys

last week i went down to the town center during friday prayer time to take some photos.  i was drawn to these rowdy boys.  i'm beginning to think this is my favorite demographic of indonesian people… maybe not for close friends (i'd probably prefer women in their 30's of course) but for people to randomly meet, chat with and laugh with.  i sat at a distance and said little (though my remarks did catch them off guard and make them laugh… they assumed i didn't speak indonesian) but i made a lot of faces and interacted from behind my camera.  these kind of rough around the edges, rowdy little boys just make me smile.  theres also a group of little boys near my house that we play with at the court sometimes.  they're just fun.

anyways, here are some boys just being boys… 

clearly the little guy in the orange hat is the clown… and i liked him.  :)

for those of you who can't picture indonesia and situation i'm was in… i'm at the town center which is like a big park.  there is a huge mosque across the street that is presumably full for friday prayer so men (and boys) just pick a spot on the grass and put their mat down.  there were little groups of men praying all around.  there were also women, families, food sellers, balloon/toy sellers, beggars, students… there was a lot of life.  these are some of the situations i love most in indonesia, even if i'm just observing.

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