Tuesday, January 27, 2015

the day to day around here…

an look at our lives via my phone… 

mary and luke's fun school had a christmas celebration.  see how mary is getting "kissed"… they sniff here instead of using their lips.  she looks so cute!

christmas cookie time

we facetimed into the larkin christmas celebration in FL… singing carols and watching my family sit on santa's lap, the same santa that has come since i was a little girl.  so thankful for technology!

mary putting the star on top of the tree, in undies… clearly it is hot here

my one picture from christmas morning… :)

we went to a beautiful wedding after christmas

our pastor, sean, came for a visit… my kids loved him and we are once again so thankful to have such a caring, humble and fun leader.

and sean's daughter annie came along… she's so fun!  my kids loved her and i loved taking her around our lovely country.  and i'm happy to report that she loved indonesia!  :)

and here's a look at some of the day to day of our last few months… 

luke and alif on a bike ride

father son nap time… i love this!

luke and mary's feast

tough kids.

clearly mary needs a mic stand  :)

out to dinner and mary said, i'm going to worship now.  haha!  

heellllloooo lukey.

mary also asked to wash my feet like jesus washed his disciples… how could i decline that offer!?!  i washed hers next.  

luke being awkward with his shades on and joining mary's class song.  i was dying laughing!

all star poser!

luke and alif… matching dress up attire from mimi

our first pet, RIP harper.  she lasted 2 days.

recently every afternoon mary waits (impatiently) until 3:30pm to play with these neighbors… usually kids here only play in the morning and after 3:30pm because of how hot it is.  and they're serious about naps here!  these sweet girls have always lived next door but mary's indonesian is now good enough to pretend and play like she would with english speaking kids so she loves playing with them!  

a fun birthday party with our neighbors

and i leave you with two videos of my little wannabe musicians… 

Monday, January 26, 2015

happy birthday luke (almost 2 months ago!)

here goes a bit of catch up… 

december 2 luke turned 4!  first he celebrated at school… where they sing to him and pray for him.  apparently the singing was a bit too loud for him that day… he always tells me about two of his classmates that scream/sing and it hurts his ears.  ha!  

he was so tired at his own little birthday celebration i thought he was going to fall asleep at the table.  but, clearly his friends had enough excitement to share.  :)  this picture cracks me up.  it's such a perfect picture of his moodiness.  he just wasn't in the mood for a party and didn't fake it.  

then, we had a party at home for neighbors and friends.  for all those moms who look at pinterest and feel bad about their kid's party… look no further, this will make you feel good about the party you threw.  this was the extent of my decorating.  we went indonesian style and served rice, fried chicken, tempe and fried noodles… oh and mac and cheese for our american friends.  

lately we've done a lot of playing in the street, having friends over and reading. 

i forgot how much fun water balloons are!  it started really mild, like the pictures below, and then i had to put the camera away for fear of getting soaked!  we did a family balloon toss and it was so fun… the kids loved it!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2014 Photography

my twelve favorite photos from 2014.