Saturday, March 7, 2015

puddle time!

we are in the middle of rainy season…. and it's a lot of rain and puddles.  my kids love to play in the dirty puddles and i love that they have fun doing it.  we don't have a yard so this is where we play.  

this is luke's face when he was "asking" me if he could just go ahead and sit in the puddle.  it's his mischievous smile and he does it a lot. 

after they joyously ran through the puddles over and over again (and luke sat in it) we discovered that it was full of worms that came up from between the cracks in the brick road.  SICK!  we moved to the puddles of pavement and were free of worms.  

then we went and picked up luke's buddy, alif.  we love him. 

i'm learning a new way to focus my camera when the subject is quickly moving… so i've been practicing of my running and jumping kids.  more to come… 

1 comment:

TJ said...

So much fun and joy in young ones. Love how happy puddles can make them. Great shots