Wednesday, March 25, 2015

the boy who is always in a battle.

luke's imagination has taken off lately… and i LOVE hearing him play.  he has always been bound to playing in mary's pretend worlds… so he has played a lot of baby and school!  but something changed in the last few weeks and he is pretending more and more by himself (he's definitely an extrovert so playing alone is NOT his strong suit).  i love watching how he can turn anything into a battle… his sound effects, his expressions, his funny battle conversations… i love them.  

yesterday i just sat and took photos of him as he had a car battle.  

here some of the mean battle faces we see  

having a boy is so much fun… 

except for time (mid-writing a post about how much fun it is to have a boy) he swung the sword at me and we had to have a long "talk" about anger, self-control and honoring mommy.  :)  

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