Wednesday, May 27, 2015

blueberry crunch and heaven

my latest conversation in the car with these two…

luke: mom, is there anything worse than death?

mom: yes, buddy i think there are a lot of things worse than death.  death isn't the worst thing that will happen to us, in fact, it's the beginning of our eternity with God.  if we choose to believe that Jesus has died to forgive your sins and rose again… then your heart is made clean by God, we get to be with God forever.  so we don't have to be afraid of death… we can be excited about it.

luke: that's when the new world will come...

mom: yeah, the new heaven and earth will come.  it's going to be awesome!  just like how God created the world to begin with.

mary: and there will be no more scrapes, or crying or sad people.

they both chime in about the bad things that won't be in eternity with God… then it was silent for a second.

luke: i can't wait to eat blueberry crunch cereal.

mom: (laughing) umm, buddy what made you think of that?  what's the connection?

luke and mary, excitedly recalling daddy's recent words, which oddly enough connected heaven and blueberry crunch.

a few months ago we were sent a box of capt crunch cereal.  this is a big deal because our kids have no idea about many amazing, yummy cereals in america. one day danny made a power point, yes a power point, to teach the kids about the history of the capt crunch line of cereal, one of his favorites from childhood.  after they passed the "quiz" they were allowed to try their first bowl.  i know, we do weird things when you live overseas and realize your kids miss some of the small things that marked our childhood.  the last question on the quiz was "will daddy eat blueberry crunch in heaven?"  they screamed YES! and then enjoyed their first bowl.

so of course, after talking about Jesus bringing the new heaven and new earth and all the glorious things about living with God forever, luke went into silent thought for a second and said "i can't wait to eat blueberry crunch cereal."

life in God's presence will be way more awesome than blueberry crunch cereal… but for luke's sake, i kind of hope God will welcome him with a bowl of cereal.  

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TJ said...

Love it the simple logic and life of a child