Thursday, May 14, 2015

Godly wisdom… from the lips of Mary

last night the car that we are borrowing got hit, while parked in front of our house… a girl backed up parallel to it (even though there were two open car widths beside our car!?!) and got her car stuck beside ours.  i ran out and she was still "stuck" on the side of our borrowed car.  people rarely use insurance here so things are just settled between the people.  they willingly took responsibility for the scratches on the side of the car but there was a pretty big scratch on the bumper that they said couldn't have been from her car.  i had just washed the car myself and i knew that scratch wasn't there… and there was still little fibers hanging from the scratch.  it clearly just happened!  after about everyone on our street came to weigh in on the situation, she gave me her identity car (which is the normal way to handle things here) and said they would come back in the morning when it was daytime.  

sidenote, times like that i'm SO thankful we live in such a communal and friendly neighborhood.  as foreigners we often don't know the proper way to handle a new situation and can sometimes we can be taken advantage of.  we had neighbors, the leader of our street, the leader of our neighborhood and two security guys out there making sure we were taken care of.  love our neighborhood!

danny and i had prayed for wisdom.  we didn't want to get nasty with them but we also were certain it was their responsibility.  moments before they came danny invited mary to pray with him and ask God for wisdom in the situation.  danny explained that we basically had two options if they deny responsibility.  we could not argue and just pay for it ourselves or we could speak strongly and insist that they pay.  mary said, "daddy, i don't think we should speak strongly to them.  it's better if we just pay it.  we shouldn't talk like that to somebody."  it's funny that we asked for wisdom from God and it came from the simple words of our 6 year old.  we all agreed that we would rather choose kindness and pay ourselves.

but God worked it so we didn't have to choose.  when they came, they had brought a mechanic friend with them.  he saw the bumper and said it was definitely from their car.  he seemed like a very honest man and a good mechanic, assuring that his work isn't complete until we're satisfied.

we talk about kindness with our kids all of the time, and i love that she suggested kindness even though it was not for our benefit.  she didn't weigh money or kindness… she just knows kindness is right so we should choose that no matter what.  it's simple but it's evidence all of our talk is sinking in… praise God.  :)  


TJ said...

What a blessing it was to have the reality of our daily lives summed up so easily and clearly by Mary. Children are a constant reminder and blessing that things don;t have to be complicate just focused on Him.

Thankful that you were so well taken care of.

Natashia Khan said...

It's heartening to know that sobriety and wisdom won over in this case. I think you shouldn't have to bear most of the damages in this matter. Still, I hope that all parties settle with finality, or at least resolve this matter decisively, so that these incidences - and their effects - will be better accounted for next time. Well, thanks for sharing your experience and the wisdoms you learned from it. Good day!

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Dan said...

Way to go, Mary!