Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Kartini Day

last weekend we celebrated Kartini Day with a little parade in our neighborhood.  Kartini Day is the remembrance of a woman (Raden Ayu Kartini) who fought for women's rights in Indonesia.  The day is usually celebrated by school children wearing traditional clothing and looking all too cute!  :)  Not sure where the connection is between women's rights and beautiful attire, but that's how it's done.  

the neighborhood playgroup that Luke was a part of last year held a little parade for playgroups from our area.  Basically we all just walked around the neighborhood and then each group did a song at the end.  It was so fun to see all the cute kids and beautiful teachers in their ornate outfits and beautiful head coverings.  i love the deep and unique cultural traditions in Indonesia.  

Mary, Luke and Khansa (our sweet neighbor) walked hand in hand most of the way.  Mary wore an outfit from Java, Luke was a man from Madura (obviously, he even has a mustache!) and Khansa wore bright Bali attire.  

i can't believe how big (and beautiful) she looks… make up and all.

and here are some photos of the other cute kids there… including our little neighbor friend, adik fahri.

some of the teachers from another school.  look at those outfits!  i love them! these are called kebayas, the traditional fancy clothes here that are worn for most occasions.  they are so beautiful!  mary has been asking if i could get one made for her.  i secretly love that she loves these bits of indonesian culture.  :)  she may just show up to church in america in a kebaya!  

i thought this little girl was so beautiful!  i finally asked her mom if i could take a few photos of her and the girl anxiously agreed… 

and here are tired, hot and sweaty mary and luke coming home.  

most of the make-up on both mary and luke had been washed off with sweat by this time… but look at those fake smiles and luke's pose.  so funny.

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Emily said...

So beautiful. I hope Mary wears some of those beautiful clothes at iCon!