Saturday, May 9, 2015

new friends and old friends… our neighborhood.

this week the rain has let up and we are celebrating!  we've spent our afternoons outside with neighbors… and sometimes strangers, like these girls.  a funny story about these girls provides a little look into the odd life of normal people living in a foreign land who are all of the sudden considered totally awesome.  haha!  if they only knew… 

luke was in the blow up pool and i was sitting on the street taking pictures of him (yes, the blow-up pool is basically on the street too).  these girls passed and i snapped a picture of them and smiled.  well, i think that was their clue that we are friendly, and not aliens, so they wanted to come take a closer look at us.  

luke was playing in his pool with nenek mul and these girls huddled around them.  surprisingly he wasn't upset, just really quiet.  they just stared, for awhile… like 15 minutes.  it was awkward.  

then, they asked for my autograph!  ha!  there is a first time for everything, i guess.  this cute little girl was getting out a pen for me to sign her notebook.  i tried to tell them that i was just a normal lady but they insisted… umm, ok.  

nenek mul and luke.  she lives across the street and is one of the sweetest ladies… she just laughs and giggles as she plays with the kids on the street.  we love her!

back to our new friends.  they left luke and went slightly down the road to find mary having a picnic with khansa.  the school girls huddled around them for at least 15 minutes and also surprisingly, mary was okay with it.  finally Mary walked home and told me and nenek mul that she felt awkward and just wanted to have a picnic with khansa.  nenek mul handled it and the girls happily walked away.  i thought that might have turned them off to us… but two days later i came home to six bikes and six little girls waiting outside our house to play again.  i guess we have some new friends.  :)

those "star-struck" instances still happen when we're around new people that haven't seen us before.  but one of the things we love about our neighborhood is that that doesn't happen often.  we are as close to "normal" as we'll probably get in our neighborhood.  our kids play like normal kids, we chat like normal moms, and we're nothing special.  we will never be indonesian but we feel a part of this neighborhood.  we love having a place my kids feel comfortable and accepted for who they are and not considered "other" because of their skin color.  when we prayed about where to live we felt a real peace from God about this specific house… so thankful that He led us to a place that we can enjoy life with our neighbors.

here are some of the neighbors that stopped by later that afternoon… we haven't seen these particular ones in awhile because the rain keeps people inside during the normal afternoon play time so it was really fun to have the group together.  i'm so thankful that we have a few weeks of dry season before we head back to the states for a few months.  this afternoon play time is one of my favorite things about living in indonesia!  

indonesian kids are adorable, aren't they!?  

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Rahmi Mufiyanti said...

I want ur sign too.. Hahahaa.. it's funny..u are awesome all..