Tuesday, June 9, 2015

mary and luke, javanese style.

for a few months now i have wanted to take pictures of my kids in javanese clothes.  my kids are growing up on java and are obviously influenced by the culture and way of life here.  though people don't wear these kind of clothes on a daily basis they are often seen at significant events, historical photos, etc… and i love them.  

this is their classic javanese photo… in portraits javanese people often don't smile so they didn't.  can't you tell how truly javanese they are.  ;)

that girl and her poses… the way she tilts her head and moves her hips kills me.  

i love this picture because it perfectly captures the way that mary tells luke what to do and the way he listens to her.  i'm sure she was encouraging him to do something funny so they could get more m&ms and be done with the pictures.  yes, i bribed them.  

and i leave you with this behind the scenes photo… 

that is really how they both felt about the photos.  mary couldn't wait to get dolled up and tilt that head in an awkward manner for every 'pose' she has… and luke was hot, sweaty, itchy and mad.  i'm not sure how i caught the above photos of him looking happy… i was probably talking about star wars or toots, if i'm honest.  :)  


jae said...

Precious pictures Lisa!!! They will be so happy to have those when they are all grown up too!

Jeanne Edison
aka.. Marcia:)

Bridgette said...

How Precious!! They look adorable but Mary's tiny ring is the BEST!

TJ said...

These photos are wonderful. Such precious memories for you and them. He may not be wild about it now but he and Mary will love commiserating over all the - do you remember whens".
God's hand of protection on you all as you begin your many days of travel, restoration, homecoming and replenishing.

Blessings TJ