Thursday, August 13, 2015

jetlag was conquered in one week!

we spent most of our first week at danny's parent's house… basically focusing on sleeping at night and trying to not sleep during the day.  jet lag was actually not near as bad as we have experienced before.  the kids did great and because of that we actually slept also!  

i have very few pictures to show for that week… we did a lot of shopping for the essentials and repacking our lives.  but, we did make it to the water one day and i got a few pictures of the kids with grandma and grandpa.  

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

reunited and it feels so good!!!

we've been in america almost 2 months and we've done A LOT!!!  we're on our 12th "move" as a family and i intend to document all of the wonderful family and friends we've spent time with.  it's been crazy and busy but we're so thankful for the deep relationships that we have been able to jump right back into.  we'll start with the carders… 

mary and lily were best of buds, not because their personalities clicked as 2 year olds (the opposite actually) but because lily's mama is one of my dear friends.  they haven't talked frequently but just enough to remember one another and i'm so thankful!  we met at the park our first day back in boston and the kids had so much fun together!  

mary taught lily the proper way to pose for a photo, of course.

the water was really cold… i guess "bum first" made it more bearable.  

so happy that they hit it off and had so much fun together.  so glad that mary and luke had a few friends that they could remember from before (or from FaceTime and pictures)… i think it made it just a touch easier to come into the great unknown of america.  :)  

we love you carders!