We are excited that God has led us to grow our family through adoption!  

A brief summary of our journey... adoption has always been an "option" in our minds but we thought it wasn't really possible financially and because we live in Indonesia we weren't sure that we would be able to logistically.  Spring 2012 we started praying about growing our family and felt like God might be leading us toward adoption.  After much prayer, counsel and research we decided to go for it.  November 1, 2012 our application was accepted and we began our adoption journey through Small World Adoption.  They have been a wonderful agency and have a lot of experience working with ex-pats, which has been very helpful!

After praying and doing some research, we chose to adopt a child from Ethiopia.  We went to work on our home study paperwork and in April our caseworker came to Indonesia.  Finally in August our home study was complete and we sent in out the next set of paperwork to the US Gov't.  

October 14 we got a call from our agency.  There's been a logistical problem with the Ethiopia adoption program, and we're not sure it'll be resolved any time soon.  They presented a new program to us in Lesotho.  SWA is the only American agency working in Lesotho now and they just started.  So, do we wait for Ethiopia or walk into the unknown of Lesotho (as if all international adoption isn't "unknown")?  After praying for a week, we decided to switch programs.

Our baby will be from Lesotho!  We feel peaceful about this change and are thankful for God's leadership.  A cool thing about Lesotho is that we have a family friend who has a ministry among orphans there... and many of Lisa's extended family sponsor Lesotho children and a few have even visited the children there.  It's a connection that we're thankful for.

People often ask "so what now" or "when will you have your baby?"  Adoption is a long, slow and unknown journey... so we have no answers.  Because of our change of country we had to update and resubmit our papers.  Our Dossier was sent to Lesotho in Jan 2014, so we are currently on the waiting list for a "match."  This process can take 6-12 months.  Once we have a match and say "YES!  We want that baby!" our agency and the Lesotho gov't will complete the adoption... about another 3 months.  Then, we get to go to Lesotho and pick our baby up!  So... we are still a long way off, but making progress.

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Primarily, we adopting because we believe that God is specifically directing our family in that direction.  We believe that God’s heart is for adoption and there are many ways for people to be involved in that… and we feel led to become parents.  We were once fatherless children in this world, without hope.  And our heavenly Father sacrificed His Son so that we too may become His sons and daughters (Eph 1:4-6).  We are adopted and this adoption is the means to our salvation and the eternity that we will spend with our Heavenly Father.  Though our decision to adopt will not “save” this child, we believe it is God’s heart to bring the fatherless and forgotten into a family (Ps 68:5-6), to be loved and cherished, just as God loves and cherishes that child.  We pray that our child will know his/her immense value in our eyes, but more importantly in the eyes of the Heavenly Father (Matt 10:30-31).  

We encourage you all to pray and consider how God would have you involved with caring for widows and orphans.  If you are thinking about adopting, we would love to talk to you about it.  There are also a lot of wonderful ministries that raise funds to assist poverty stricken families reunite with their children who are in orphanages because they were financially not able to care for them.  If you are not able to become adoptive parents, we encourage you to support an adoptive family, support reunification or support an orphanage caring for the needs of children.  Just a thought...  :) 

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Janna said...

I just re-read this post, and it made me SO excited for you all and so grateful at the same time! Could we "chat" over e-mail some time about where you are in the process and what needs you might have for fund raising? I would love that!