Thursday, April 15, 2010

she's ONE!

my little baby girl turned one today. i can't believe it! we're going to do a little recap of her life (i mean, she has had a pretty full one thus far!) soon. but, for now i will leave you with some pictures to document her biggest birthday event today. meghan, our good friend and mom of one of mary's best friends, took us to get a cupcake to celebrate mary. what you are about to see is actually all that she had of the cupcake.... but we are going to give her real cake at her little birthday party this weekend. we're crazy, i know! :)

mary and lily picking out the cupcake... mary was actually practicing walking, as you can see from her very concentrated face.

i love the faces that mary is making... she's obviously very excited about her treat. unfortunately, i too am overly excited and have cheesey mom face. oh well, i was excited!

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julia said...

Hooray for Mary! And hooray for Party Favors. Yum.