Sunday, August 3, 2014

a king and his queen

mary and luke pretend together all day long.  they wake up and immediately choose their characters… usually it's little house on the prairie but sometimes they branch out.  a few days ago they were into king and queen.  they had their caps/veils, "crowns" and thrones.  when late afternoon rolled around they brought their thrones outside.  they were on the side of the road, in full play mode as if no one could see them.  they have no idea what a spectacle they are here.

have i mentioned that we have no yard, so this is their play space?  they don't know any different so they're fine with it.  i love our street.  i love our neighbors, the way the afternoon sun shines and the green lining the street.  

mary put luke in charge of tending to their little princess… he took his task very seriously.  also, his crown is a minnie mouse headband and his royal attire is striped undies.  amazing.

and now his manly side… he was getting the bad guys with his mean face and bright pink sword.

i love hearing the little worlds and games my kids create.  so thankful they're such good buddies.

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