Monday, January 26, 2015

happy birthday luke (almost 2 months ago!)

here goes a bit of catch up… 

december 2 luke turned 4!  first he celebrated at school… where they sing to him and pray for him.  apparently the singing was a bit too loud for him that day… he always tells me about two of his classmates that scream/sing and it hurts his ears.  ha!  

he was so tired at his own little birthday celebration i thought he was going to fall asleep at the table.  but, clearly his friends had enough excitement to share.  :)  this picture cracks me up.  it's such a perfect picture of his moodiness.  he just wasn't in the mood for a party and didn't fake it.  

then, we had a party at home for neighbors and friends.  for all those moms who look at pinterest and feel bad about their kid's party… look no further, this will make you feel good about the party you threw.  this was the extent of my decorating.  we went indonesian style and served rice, fried chicken, tempe and fried noodles… oh and mac and cheese for our american friends.  

lately we've done a lot of playing in the street, having friends over and reading. 

i forgot how much fun water balloons are!  it started really mild, like the pictures below, and then i had to put the camera away for fear of getting soaked!  we did a family balloon toss and it was so fun… the kids loved it!

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