Friday, July 13, 2012

together in CT

we are in america!  it's been a whirlwind to say the least!  we spent our first few days in Connecticut (with two day trips to boston) visiting danny's family.  it was great to see them and they were gracious as our kids jet lagged.  we are just about over jet lag, though every one of us has gone through a spell of illness so that doesn't help with sleeping.  but, we're almost healthy and sleeping normally.  

i was actually really encouraged by our time with danny's family.  after just a day mary and luke picked up like we had just seen them.  luke insisted that grandpa sit in his chair and luke would throw the ball at him full force, grandpa loved that.   he only did a little screaming at strangers besides church and the time that the lady at the nursing home kept trying to pick him up, but don't worry his cousin took care of her with a bite and she was out of sight.  seriously.  :)

here are danny and the kids, kevin and his kids and their father at the nursing home visiting great grandma for her 97th birthday.  the kids were a little crazy but they were good entertainment for the elderly there.  

mary was very curious about great grandma and wanted to interact with her.  after we left she kept asking to go back to great grandma's house.  it was sweet.  

and here is luke's sweetest moment with grandma.  uhh, melt my heart.  

and here is luke being normal, devouring his watermelon and soaking his clothes... one of his favorite activities.  

kevin and dylan having a moment.  i caught all of these sweet (and probably rare) moments with little kids cuddling on film.  score. 

and lastly, mary's art work.  mary was being really quite in danny's parents office room for awhile so someone went back to check on her.  she approached me with her head hung low in shame, knowing she isn't allowed to color her body, of course.  she said, "but mommy it means i love grandpa!"  i mean, what do i say to that?!?  i had a stern talk with her about how we only color on paper (this was her first time coloring on herself) and then i asked her to come outside and pose for pictures.  good mom alert, right?  


Laural Lee Pond said...

yes. good mom alert. i love alerts. you are awesome. love hearing about your life.

Sarah said...

they're all great but the pic of pat and luke is extra adorable!

Emily said...

LOVE! Especially Mary's artwork.