Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yesus Sayang Semua

I've been wanting to post this video for a while, but couldn't get a strong enough connection in Indonesia to make it work.  It's from Mary's preschool end-of-school-year performance.  The song is Yesus Sayang Semua- 'Jesus loves everyone.'  Mary would sing this song all day, every day.  Oh, and our Boston friends will notice Eli singing (well, not really) next to Mary.  

It was a fun moment for us as parents to see our little girl singing with her friends, especially in her second language.  We also have a video of her teaching all the parents about counting farm animals, but it's a long one.  Trust me, it's cute.  (I should apologize for the bad quality.  We have an HD camera, and when I watch  it on my computer it looks great.  For some reason, blogger can't seem to get it right.)


We've been a bit busy since we arrived in the States, but are hoping to do a few more updates on the blog soon.  Lisa finally got out her camera today, so maybe she'll get around to it soon.  Until then...

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Sarah (aka Sarahmica Photography) said...

It's probably not Blogger; it's the compression of the video. Youtube isn't the best for HD, either. Vimeo is MUCH better. Just an FYI!

It was so good to see you guys for, like, a minute a few weeks ago! Wish we could have gotten more time with you...