Thursday, June 13, 2013

and we are moved to surabaya...

saying that we've been busy would be an understatement.  we've moved cities (not an easy feat here!), had two different overnight guests, my parents in town for a few weeks (which has been unbelievably helpful!), had fever/stomach bug, gone to another island and back for a conference, and tried to deal with every detail of moving into a new house in a very different world.  so, rather than describe every detail, i'll do a quick photo update.  the last few weeks in photos... 

this is our moving truck.  it has taken me a few weeks to blog about it, well, because every time i looked at the picture i got mad again at all of the furniture that is so banged up.  i'm over it now.  so, here it is.  i mean, can you even imagine!?!?  

but luckily, mary's tribe of people made it safely and were set up day one.  :)

our room... it was almost two weeks before we actually slept in it.

we get a dining room table tomorrow... i may like it better than the red craft table  

what happens to book shelves when you live in indonesia?  they become helmet racks 

mary is so excited to be sitting with papa on the airplane

luke looking for the traditional balinese dancers...

mary loved that safety information card!

after having so many ants i tried an ant poison my mom brought from america... the ants came from everywhere and ate it all night.  you can not imagine the joy and victory i felt as they scurried to the poison from countless holes in the wall/cabinets.  i haven't seen one since that day!!!  i win, ants. 

and then i bought danny a new suit.  hello husband! 

and tonight luke jammed on his guitar with some guys across the street.  luke heard them playing guitar and ran to get his so he could play with them.  he was out there for about 45 minutes.  it was really cute!  luke is doing really well culturally... maybe because he's realized that everyone thinks he's cute and funny so he can get anyone to smile at him.  he's going to be in for a shock if we come back to the states and people aren't gawking at him at every corner.  :)  

so, until i have more time to grab my camera... here is our crazy last few weeks via my phone.  


jae said...

To bad you didn't use Larkin Moving Company...we did:)

Tim Pierce said...

Come on, Lisa, there is no way those rectangular shelves could have possibly fit nicely into the rectangular bed of that moving truck. And for the record, I'm for the red craft table and danny's new suit

空キセノ said...

Umm... Hello... :)

I'm actually trying to find Indonesian people who blog in English from Google and... I found this blog. But you're not Indonesian, right? Where are you from?