Monday, May 27, 2013

moving and imagination

tomorrow we are moving to surabaya!  we are excited to get there and well, if i'm honest, dreading the actual transition.  i'm about to go to bed with little things all over my house that don't have a home in a box yet... and the movers come at 7am.  :)  

i'm not sure how families with little people move.  mary is at an extremely creative stage... she plays pretend for hours and uses anything to make the scene for her current pretend world.  i love it!  i love listening to her talk in her room when she doesn't know i'm there, i love how serious she is about her made up world, and i love seeing her little collections all over the house.  well, usually i love seeing her collections around the house.  the last few days, i haven't so much loved the little collections that she desperately needs to play with until the day we move!  like hand towels and cards and tupperware and boxes and pictures and on and on. 

i've taken a few pictures with my phone the last few weeks as i see her things around the house... 

a line up of food

russian nesting dolls and their puff balls
casey, her baby items and the dalmatians
baby "canela" leading the line of african animals by the pots and pans
that's a coaster on the bear's head 
ruthie in her yogurt container

one of mary's favorite things to pretend is school.  here she is being the teacher and doing her indonesian songs from school with her "class" and doing story time.  i love this phase!

yesterday she was playing "jesus died on the cross and rose again", as we like to call it.  she had a little safari driver, who just happens to have his hands stretched out, play Jesus.  she asked me where the picture of her class was (it's the only 5x7 picture she has).  i told her i had already packed it.  she said, 
"mom, i need it to cover Jesus' tomb!"  i look over and there was little safari driver in a tupperware box waiting for the stone to be rolled in front of the tomb... or picture to be put on top of the tupperware.  :)  she proceeded to tell me that we don't know what is going to happen to Jesus and we have to wait three days... and that mary will know first.  

i love her imagination and i love her love of Bible stories.  though my littles make moving more difficult, i'm thankful for cute moments that bring a smile to my face in stressful times.  if you think of us tomorrow, say a prayer.  that i'm more patient and kind than i've been lately, that our transition is peaceful for our kids and that we honor God with our attitudes tomorrow.  oh, and that our truck is big enough for our stuff and that if it is an uncovered truck that a. they tie our furniture on really well and that b. it doesn't rain.  all of our fears would be solved if my little brother would have started his "Larking Moving" company in indonesia rather than florida.  :)

happy moving day to us!  


Pat said...

I have a suggestion for unpacking. Make it into a game for the kids. With Mary's imagination, it could be fun. You could have them decorate their rooms as they unpack. It could be a treasure hunt or Christmas all over again. Have them guess what's inside the box before they open it or unwrap anything. Have fun!

Emily said...

Mary is truly a treasure! How fun! I wish I could play with her while you moved :)