Sunday, December 28, 2014

our ballerina

mary had her first ballet performance last week.  it was at the mall and i think it's basically a ploy by My Little Pony to get 200 little kids in front of their merchandise right before christmas.  :)  it was sponsored by them and their stuff was everywhere… but don't worry, we walked away empty handed.  

i thought mary may freak out and not want to go on stage once she saw it (and the people that would be watching her) but she did awesome!  i was so proud of her.  the little girl next to her is our buddy, chaira.  mary was happy to be on stage with a friend.

she didn't quite have the count down though… she kept her eyes covered for WAY longer than she was supposed to.  it was cute! 

and here she almost looks like she's actually doing ballet… on her toes and stuff.  :)

we were told it was christmas theme so mary wore a red tutu… seemed "christmasy" enough to me.  she was way underdressed, obviously!  :)  look at these get-ups!  

merry christmas from our little ballerina.  

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