Monday, February 16, 2015

an afternoon bike ride

 our afternoon bike ride with friends… 

we found some random kittens and the kids "played" with them… :)

we rode by the little market in our neighborhood… these two people jumped off their bench to come meet the kids.  mary was a little uncertain of the crazy woman who jumped in front of her bike to say hello.  :)  

then she went after luke… 

we ended with a water fight.  i only got a few photos because they got buckets out and the water got a little crazy… i had to protect my camera.  but by the end they were soaked and i ended up grabbing the soap and bathing them in the street.  two birds, one stone.  

we're really thankful for these sweet girls that mary and luke have started regularly playing with.  they have always been our neighbors and we occasionally played with them… but recently mary's indonesian has really improved so she is now confident to play and pretend with them.  they love playing together and i'm so thankful for them!

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Janna said...

Yay for sweet friends and bilingual kids! :)