Friday, June 5, 2015

a village swimming hole

this week a took a night away with a friend to get out of the city, rest, pray and enjoy God's creation.  i love walking through random places and just seeing what will happen or who i'll meet.  this little adventure did not disappoint.  i started in a rice field and ended walking through a village swimming hole.  

i asked random people for "permission" as i passed them in the rice field.  as i was coming up to this little hut i saw a guy bathing himself (with shorts on) outside… i was a little afraid to walk by but after a few "excuse me" yells he popped his head out and said i could pass.  turns out this hut is a cow's house… not sure if the man lives there with the cow but he had his clothes, comb, mirror, etc all hanging outside so I'm guessing he does.  

this is one of the men that led me around… and watched me slip into an irrigation ditch and lose my lens cap.  he then informed me that the small grass trails are slippery.  yeah, i got that now.  :)

following out of the rice field…

then i came across the annual water hole.  apparently right before the fasting month starts every year water from the mountains flows down and for one day this little area floods and becomes a pool for the kids in the village.  it was so fun!  

a ton of the people from the village were hanging out there so i stayed for an hour or so and just chatted with people that were around.  it was really fun!  

you may notice that there are no girls in the water… that's because as soon as i arrived they came out and chatted with me… and attempted to sabotage every photo i was trying to take with these amazing poses.  :)  i kept telling them that i wasn't into amazing poses like they are… but that didn't stop them.  i have about 75 peace sign pictures from these cuties.  

these kind of little adventures are one of the my favorite things about indonesia.  people here are so friendly and quick to laugh… they laugh together and at each other.  the pace of life is slow and they are just ready to hang out.  i love going out of the city and seeing a little piece of life in the village.  sometimes i wish i lived in a village… and then i remember that they don't have real cheese or coffee or cleaned chicken breasts…. 

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