Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our First Family Vacation

We returned (very) late last night from our first family vacation, to Grand Rapids to visit the Gibsons. Mary got to meet her Great Uncle Steve and Great Aunt Kathy, and their children Grace, Annie and Mary. In case you're trying to figure this out, Kathy is Lisa's aunt (Lisa's mom's sister).

But first, was the plane ride. Mary was awesome. No crying, she slept for a while and was generally just a cute baby. The key: pacifier. We don't use it a lot, but it came in handy on this trip. Here's a picture of Mary and Lisa on Mary's first plane ride.

Mary got to meet her second cousins and enjoyed her time with them. They were so excited to meet her; they loved holding her, feeding her and entertaining her. They are expecting a baby brother to be born in October, so we were happy to help them get some practice in before he makes his world debut.

Here is a picture of Grace, 9, feeding Mary. Grace was such a huge help all week, but never took me up on my offer for her to change Mary's diaper. She is also a world class Euchre player and forced us up past our bedtimes in order to keep playing.

This is Annie, 7, who was Mary's personal entertainer. It doesn't take much inspiration for Annie to construct a captivating story or write an improvisational song. Her creativity amused Mary all week.

This is Mary, 4, who we called "Big Mary" for most of the week. She loved to shower Baby Mary with affection, frequently calling her "cutie pie" and other such lovely names. When I noted that Baby Mary was smiling at her, she said "of course, I'm telling her how cute she is" like I made the dumbest comment ever.

In case you were wondering what form of entertainment Mary was getting from these girls, singing and dancing was high on the list. Here's a glimpse into Mary's fun with her second cousins.

After all this, Mary was wiped out and ready to sleep on the plane. The service agent at the ticket counter was kind enough to give us an empty seat between us so Mary could sleep.

Somehow, during the fun of the week, we never managed to get a single picture of Mary with either Kathy or Steve, or even me, for that matter. We have a lot of work to do on our picture taking habits. There is hope, however- we'll be seeing them all again in 2 weeks!

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