Saturday, August 29, 2009

a few firsts...

Mary had quite a few new experiences today. She started off by sharing for the first time today... way to go, Mary! She has no understanding that the new Bumbo seat is hers, but whatever, it's still sharing. I think little Huddy might be more excited about it than her at this point, but that is okay for now. He looks pretty cute in it, huh?!?

Mary also had her first swim today! She was pretty indifferent towards it... she never seemed upset, but not overly thrilled either. She might have been a bit stunned; could have been the cold water she was put in or her fun big cousins swimming and playing all around her. All in all, I think it was a success. Here we are with Will (Mary's cousin) right before we got in; notice his spiderman tattoos... he was pretty proud of them!

We had one last new activity today... the swing. Again, she was pretty indifferent about it. She loved it when I talked to her as she approached me in the swing... other than that, I'm not sure what she was thinking. But, once again she wasn't upset by her new experience. She just kind of rolls with the punches and I kind of hope she remains that way.

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