Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mary & the Larkin Cousins

This past weekend we celebrated the wedding of Lisa's younger brother, Michael, and Kathryn down in Florida (we'll have pictures from the celebration soon). This, of course, means that Mary got to meet Lisa's side of the family, which includes roughly 7543 people. Mary was showered with love and attention from all her cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and great-grandparents.

There were 3 people in particular that we were excited for Mary to meet: her cousins, Kate, Will and Hudson. They are the children of Luke, Lisa's older brother, and Kelley. You can read more of their exploits at their family blog, cleverly titled "Larkin Family," which no doubt could include many more funny stories (seriously, it seems like every 10 minutes they do something to crack us up).

Our goal was to get a picture with all 3 of them and Mary together. We soon found out that it was an impossible task, so we settled for whatever we could get.

Kate is 6 years old and enjoyed holding Mary the most. She's going into the 1st grade (!) next year. I expect she'll teach Mary all that she's learned over the years: coloring inside the lines, performing songs for the family in front of the fire place, etc.

Will is 4 and about as full of energy as any kid who has ever lived. If you check out their blog, you'll find that he's responsible for much of the laughter, intentionally or unintentionally. I appreciate any kid who loves baseball, even if his allegiance lies with the Rays.

Hudson is about 20 months old, which is to say he's growing rapidly. It's crazy- I saw him last Christmas and he was wobbling ever two steps. Now he won't stand still. He even talks, sort of. My favorite was watching him slam his hands on the glass door yelling "BEEP!" This, apparently, is his personal pronunciation of "beach," which for him denotes any body of water, including Mimi and Papa's pool he so obviously longed for.

If you look at the picture below and think "geez, Danny, shouldn't he be in the center of the photo"... you don't know Hudson Larkin very well.

As is our unintentional custom, we managed to forget to take pictures of Luke and Kelley with Mary. Oh well.

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