Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Family Picnic

We still have a lot to update on this blog. Lisa mentioned our trip to India, and I may need to post some pictures from Kathmandu at some point. But, to be honest, we don't have the energy at the moment to put all that together.

But we do have energy for a quick post of pictures from our first family picnic. We went out to downtown Boston on Friday night, right on the water, to celebrate our reunion. I got back from the other side of the world Thursday night and we thought we'd take a night out and enjoy the wonderful fall weather here in Boston (yes, we know it's not technically fall, but it sure feels like it).

We packed our dinner, brought drinks (ah, Pepsi, how I missed you), utilized the picnic bag Kathryn gave Lisa as a bridesmaid gift and went on our merry way. The only thing we forgot... a blanket. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. Nothing a park bench can't solve.

The first pic is of the 3 of us, as you can see. It doesn't do justice to the size of my "missionary beard," which has since been shaven. It was taken by some friends who were on a date at a nearby restaurant and stopped by to see us (identities will remain anonymous- you know who you are).

The last pic may be our new favorite of Mary, you really gotta love this girl. (Oh, and thanks for the hat, Meghan!)

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