Tuesday, March 15, 2011

back home

it's been fun to be back home in boston. we've done a lot of catching up and hanging out with our good friends. mary has a lot of little friends her age around here, but one of her favorites is lily! they play all of the time together... which is nice because lily's mom is one of my closest friends (we were friends first). :)

lily is about to be a big sister as well... she has gotten some practice helping me take care of luke. she LOVES him! she is much more cuddly than mary (unless you are playing a game with mary or putting her to bed, you have about 7 seconds to cuddle) and likes to just cuddle up with luke and hold his ear. yeah, sounds funny but she does. it's her comfort thing. she holds mine all of the time... mary has no tolerance for such things so i volunteer my ear. it's cute!

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