Thursday, March 3, 2011

3 month smiles and "ssssiide"

luke was 3 months old yesterday... happy 3 months to my little man! what's new now that he's 3 months old? well, he is smiling a lot more, starting to really laugh (particularly at his big cousin, kate), he sleeps about 9 1/2 hours at night and he is almost down to eating only 5 times a day! :) and, he has kept his blue eyes so far!

though mary looks like she is hitting her mimi, she is really trying to tickle her. she thinks she's so funny!

she loves to run these days! here she is racing papa down the driveway... something she loves to do.

michael and kathryn came over to visit... she loves them!

mary loves being "side" all day long! yesterday i brought her books out on the driveway and we sat there and read for awhile. she usually likes to run, swing, climb or her new favorite is playing in the cars... i needed a break so reading was my idea.

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KatieP said...

LOVE the last two pictures in particular. She has the sweetest brown eyes!