Friday, September 2, 2011

9 facts for 9 months.

9 months old...

1. luke is still quick to smile.  he gives this goofy grin that i love... his eyes squint up, his mouth is completely straight across and he looks extra chubby.

2. he loves his mama... too much.  he's going through the attachment thing pretty bad.  sometimes if he sees me walk out of the room or even turn my back he starts screaming as if i just cut his toe off.  he'll grow out of his love for me so i should appreciate it... unless i'm trying to cook dinner.

3. speaking of cooking dinner, he pulls up on me all of the time (especially when i'm cooking dinner)... and then i'm stuck and can't move.  

this is really just to show our tropical back yard... pretty.

4. he plays SO well in his crib by himself.  he's been waking up way too early here (like 6:30am usually... it was about 8am in boston) so we just give him toys and a pacifer and comtimes he'll stay in his crib for 45 minutes just playing.  he does it after his afternoon nap too.  it's very nice.

5. he crawls all over the place and loves to play on our back porch.... our favorite place. 

6. he loves mary and laughs at her all of the time... i love it!

7. he is a really good eater... we usually just blend whatever indonesian dish we're eating and he eats it, spices and all.  it's great!  

8. he's tough.  we play on the bed everytime after bathtime as a family... it's one of our favorite times of the day.  we swipe his legs as he's crawling, knock him over, throw him around... and he just laughs and laughs.  he also just started tackling, yes full out tackling as if he's in football camp.  it's usually to me or danny but sometimes he'll go after mary and knocks her over.  she thinks it's funny.  

9. lastly, here he is with ibu sri... the woman who watches the kids while we're at language school.  this was right before we left for class.  he loves her and she's so great with him!  but, do you notice the cinnamon all over her pants... she didn't know he opened the cinnamon and was shaking it everywhere.  crazy boy. 

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