Tuesday, September 6, 2011

my girl.

an update on the life of mary.... part 1.  

mary is growing, learning, laughing and enjoying life here in indonesia.  i think this often, but this might be my favorite stage of her life so far.  it's so fun to watch her learn to communicate and socialize with people and understand the world around her.  she's particular about weird things... like where the cloth should go or what utensil luke needs to use for his food.  she also has a quark about what she walks on.... can you tell by the picture below?  she doesn't like to walk on grass (or anything different).  after going to a park with all sand i had to wash her feet in the drinking fountain before she was happy.  funny.

mary loves playing outside and always wants to be on the porch.  we got some fun toys from a family that was moving from indonesia that mary has really enjoyed, the scooter being on of them!  we go on family walks most evenings and mary just walks around talking about everything we pass (we call her our running commentary) and greeting our neighbors.  one day, when we can actually communicate with people, we hope to not just be known as mary's parents... maybe we'll even make some friends because of her.  :) 

she loves to run, jump, dance and pretend to play sports (that's my girl!).  she can kind of dribble, talks about the red sox and will use a big water bottle to hit things like she's swinging a bat (they don't really have baseball stuff in indonesia).  during church you can usually find her jumping up and down and dancing during the music time... when i ask her what we're doing she'll say singing to jesus.  she dances for him also.... or at least that's what i tell myself as she's going crazy during worship.  :)  i'm not sure what she's doing in the picture below but i love it.  i like the facial expression so i did a close up too.  she looks like a big girl... sad.  

and did you notice the celtics shirt?  go boston sports.  :)

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My sweet, sweet Mary!