Wednesday, June 27, 2012

to america we go...

ready, set, go... to america.  

we are almost ready.  we have two hours and then we're off on our long, long journey to america.  you can pray for us... that are kids are magical angels and want to sit in their seats for 8 hour shifts.  and that God gives danny and i all that we need to be selfless and giving towards our kids.  though this journey will not be overly enjoyable for us, it won't be for them either.  at least we understand WHY we have to sit on a plane for 22 hours.... we can't wait to see family and friends!!!

the people we will dearly miss... 

we love you!  you are so fun for our kids and we love having you in and out of our home.  

the greatest babysitter and indonesian grandmother we could ask for!  
we are so thankful for her in our lives.   

a wonderful helper and buddy to our kids.  here she is sharing her rice with mary and helping her eat in indonesian style... with her hands.  :)  

and though there is so much we will miss about indonesia, we can't wait to visit family and friends in america... and maybe eat some of the amazing food that we miss so much!!!  bacon, danny!?!  :)

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Sarah said...

ooh! maybe if i do get to visit auntie kim I can meet you and your adorable kiddos!