Thursday, July 18, 2013

penang, part 2

and this is pretty much what we did in penang... 

and this is a good picture of how mary is sometimes... the moods are out of control.  i'm praying it's stress from all the transition that our family has been going through... but we're dealing with it nonetheless.  :)  she was mad i was taking pictures and not in with her.  

and this was a stop on our walk to chilis... yum, chilis!!!  it was nice lighting and i have so few pictures of us with our kids so i decided to pull out the pocket tripod and give it a try.  i would set the focus and the kids took turns pressing the button, so it was like a game!  the first time they liked taking photos.  though many are very out of focus because a little finger trying to press the button can move the camera around a lot!  oh well.

love these boys!

silly faces!

this was mary showing another wonderful mood... probably because i wanted to take some pictures.  

then i may have mentioned ice cream (yes, i bribed) and she was ready to pose... though i much prefer a more natural look to the amazing asia pose she has picked up.  :)


Emily said...

Omg, I love that Asian pose. I love her little face.

Sarah said...

Your pics are always great, but these are extra great! Air born Luke! You and Mary making faces! So cute.