Sunday, February 23, 2014

project 52-- week 6

ISO 200, 1/320, f2.5, 85mm

today i'm featuring my friends, leslie and phil.  our family and leslie moved to indonesia at the same time and we've been close neighbors the last 2.5 years.  she went home to America a few days ago to get married to her wonderful fianc√©, phil.  i did a quick 6am photo shoot the day before they left.  

i took leslie to the airport a few days ago… as she walked off i began to cry (obviously, she's one of my dearest friends here).  i felt this pit in my stomach of being alone.  i'm far from alone here but i will really miss the friendship i have had with leslie.  we share a lot of common interests and have a really fun and deep friendship.  i thought, who will i text when i have an "oh my gosh!" indonesian experience to share!?!  it's fun having someone know the culture and appreciate the humor in the daily things we encounter here.  honestly, that was my first thought.  my really fun friend was gone.  

leslie is so much more than a fun friend to us, she has become part of our family.  danny and i deeply care about her and have so valued her friendships and partnership in our lives here.  we love having her in our house and just being part of the family.  she loves our kids well and intentionally spends time with them.  she took mary on "leslie dates", which were often the highlight of mary's month.  :)

she has lived a "YES" life in indonesia.  honestly, life can be difficult here, but she consistently sought God and said yes to Him.  she was selfless, caring and sacrificial on a daily basis, enabling her to make deep friendships and bless so many of the people God brought into her life here.  she was humble before God and others, seeking to grow and be changed by God.  

leslie, we love you!  we are honored to have walked with you this last season in life.  thank you for being gracious, loving and fun.  we miss you deeply!  and now i'm going to cry so… 

and just want to mention, we think phil is great too, he just hasn't been in indonesia for a few years with us… yet.  ;)  but we did have him as a house guest for a few weeks and really enjoyed getting to hang out and

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Marilyn Mullen said...

Lisa, This was a great tribute! Leslie loves you and your family so much! She showed me the other photos you took before she and Phil left, and also her beautiful new wardrobe received at the farewell/shower. Thank you for loving her so well and for being such wonderful mentors, along with the Marcuses. Your love and friendship will continue to grow despite the separation. God bless you and keep you all. Marilyn