Monday, July 28, 2014

the bbq battle

a few weeks ago i tried to take some photos of mary for her 5 year photos (3 months late)… didn't really get anything i like because she determined to pose her body awkwardly and give me cheesy smiles.  after a few minutes and seeing her determination to dominate the shoot with cheese, i told her she could be in charge of this shoot and i'd be in charge of the next.  :)  we'll see.  

then luke wanted me to take a few pictures of him when we got home.  we went to little porch because it was almost dark and he posed for me too.  what's with the awkward head tilts, children!?!

luke has been eating his one heaping scoop of shredded bbq chicken for almost 2 hours tonight.  (two hours is not usual, but it's very usual that he is at the dinner table by himself 30 minutes after everyone is done eating).  with one bite left he has to go pooh.  of course.  he comes up to me and says, i have a surprise for you!!  he shows me his undies that have no pooh in them… it's a miracle that he is very proud of! (poohing in the potty before soiling his undies happens about 1 out of 15 times.  awesome.)  he wants me to go tell daddy, who has just been released from the "bbq battle of 2014"… daddy's only question is "is the chicken done?!"  i go back to luke, who is on the potty, and with a proud sparkle in his eye he says, "did you tell daddy?  what was he like!?!"  i couldn't break it to him that daddy thinks that it should be normal for him NOT to pooh his undies and it should also not take 2 hours to eat 12 bites of chicken.  i told him daddy said he was awesome.  he threw his head back, laughing in delight at his achievements.  

but clearly, he's very manly on most occasions.  

on another note, today mary watched bob ross (the painter from the 80's) for over an hour.  she loved him!  she cracks me up.  as soon as she finished him making this amazing mountain landscape she says, can i paint now?!?  i was slightly concerned that she would be disappointed at her finished product after seeing bob's… but luckily she was pleased with her painting of me, her, daddy, a sun and a cloud.  can i just reiterate, she watched an hour of bob ross!  ha!!

she and luke also played Little House of the Prairie for approximately 4 hours today.  that is currently a regular occasion.  it's magical that they play so well together right now.  it's new and a blessing from God.  the only annoying thing is that for some reason my bedroom is always the river, the flood or the wagon.  i'll take it for hours of entertainment and watching a sweet friendship bud. 

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