Saturday, November 15, 2014

amen, mary.

mary loves to draw.  sometimes we put on worship music and pray and then she will draw something that she feels like God impressed on her heart.  we want to teach her that we have a heavenly Father that speaks to her heart and she can hear Him.  sometimes she's excited about it and sometimes she doesn't want to at all (and we don't force it).  usually she draws sweet pictures of her walking with Jesus or she and luke worshipping or sometimes Bible stories.  

this picture is my all time favorite.  

she handed it to me and said… 

"mom, look i drew a picture for you!  it's kind of about God too.  you were in the desert and you were really hungry and thirsty.  so, god turned the desert into water and he made this tree grow with apples so you weren't hungry.  and, i made a heart flower because i love you."

and then my heart melted. 

amen, mary!  mama has been in the desert many a days, hungry and thirsty.  and God knows and fills my every need, every time.  this simple picture is such a treasure to me.  that God would speak this to my little girl's heart and that she drew it with such simple faith and love for me.  

i'm not overly sentimental and i'm certainly not a pack rat… in fact, i love throwing stacks of old drawings away.  this one, i hope to keep for many, many years… to remember that God always provides food and water for His people in the desert.  


Claire Wait said...


I swear my kids dream of Heaven as a memory and not a idea. Love that I'm not the only one tapping into that Spirit juice.

Emily said...

Oh, Lisa! What a treasure--the picture and the girl.

Jill said...

This is so beautiful. (And you are wearing a rocking outfit!) Love, Jill Rugani

June Doran said...

Cried when I read this. He is so faithful to speak! Believing for refreshment in the desert. I don't know if u have a kindle or can even get kindle books where you are but I am re-reading hinds feet on high places. So good and I think you would find it super encouraging during this season. Love, June