Sunday, November 2, 2014

to our baby...

dearest one,
right now you are a thought in my mind, a frequent day dream, someone i long to create in my imagination but i don't even know where to begin.  i don't know you yet.  i can't see you, i don't hear your cry or your laugh.  i can't imagine what your eyes look like or how your little body moves around.   i don't know how old you are or how big you are.  i long to see you but i can't.

but there is One who sees you.  Our God sees you.  we have a God who knows each line of your face when you cry and each grunt you make as you roll around in your sleep.  he thought of you before you were known to this world.  i'm so thankful that we have a God who knows us.  who knows you.

today i read through John.  i read about our Savior and all that He had to say about life.  he said that to all who receive him, he gives the right to become children of God.  we can be God's children.  he spoke of the eternal life that we can have in God.  he spoke of the light of life that is found in him.  he spoke of fullness of joy that is found in him.  there is promise of eternal joy, eternal life, eternal peace.  but it didn't come without cost.  it was our Jesus who purchased these rights for us.  he has given himself that we could join him in sonship.  he has given himself, given his life that we could find real life.

i don't know how you will feel as you grow up and think about your past or about where you came from. whatever you feel is okay and it's real.  but there is one thing that i want you to always remember.  we have a God who has always seen you.  we have a God who as always felt with you.  we have a God who loves you, who knows you, and who deeply cares for you.  we have a God who heard your cries and cried with you.  we also have a God that, despite all of the brokenness and hurt that we see around us, has promised that all things will be restored.  that one day there will be no more hungry bellies, or tears, or loneliness, or hurt.  he will come.  he will bring life. joy. peace. pleasure. forever. in the presence of the Father.  so no matter what our pasts hold as we look forward there is a certain light that we are waiting for.  Jesus is coming…

i wrote this a few months ago.  today is orphan sunday in america.  pray for children today.  pray for our child.  pray that the kingdom of God break through for families at risk of separation, pray for restoration, pray for Godly families to be called by God to adopt.  ask God if you are called to adopt or support an adoption.  pray for the hearts of orphans to be supernaturally mended by God, for needs to be met, for these fatherless to know their Father in heaven.  pray for their salvation.  pray that they will know hope… though it may seem far from them in this world, pray they know and anticipate the beauty of the restoration that will come when Jesus returns… the hope that is certain in Him.  

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Janna said...

Amen, sister! Beautifully written! I love your mama heart. :)