Tuesday, October 21, 2014

lomba nyanyi

a few weeks ago mary competed in a singing competition with her school.  it was a big event at a (very old and potentially dangerous) amusement park… but my kids rode many rides are alive to tell about it.  :)  while they were busy playing i took a few photos of the adorable kids around me.  indonesian kids are just so cute!  

and to give you a window into our lives as foreigners here… this is the photo moments before i took the above photo.  i was kneeling down waiting for the mom to move and as soon as she did they saw me.  they started yelling, "watch out, watch out… there's a bule (white person)!"  the expression in that kid's eyes crack me up… clearly i'm a rare sight in his world.  :)

and here is mary singing.  she was beside herself with excitement.  it was so cute!  i love her goofy smile before they started their song.

and here are the singers is in action….  

they ended up getting fourth place in their division and she was so excited.  i loved seeing her with such joy on stage in front of so many people… i was a proud mama.  i also loved hearing the two americans sing their
patriotic indonesian songs with such gusto!

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