Sunday, April 19, 2009

Meeting Mary Margaret Pierce

We're home from the hospital and trying to settle into a routine as a family. Lisa is doing well in her recovery, and Mary is a joy. We couldn't be any more excited to have her home and feel so blessed to have her in our lives.

We've received plenty of requests for pictures, so here you go. I'll probably post a few times this week, including my first attempt at a video coming soon. Anyway, here are some pics with a short explanation.

I took this one after the hospital staff took Mary away from the Operating Room and brought her downstairs. It's funny, she doesn't really look like this anymore.

This picture was taken by our friend Meghan, right after a swaddling attempt.

Here's our first father-daughter portrait. I actually think this is my best picture with her; I'm not sure if it's because or despite the surgical mask.

We snapped this one while Lisa fell asleep with Mary. Now that I look at it, this looks a tad dangerous.


Yocumotion said...

yea!!! she is so pretty!!!

Gibsons said...

Oh Danny & Lisa, She is absolutely beautiful! We are rejoicing with you. All her cousins can't wait to meet her especially Mary Elisabeth... We love you guys and are praying for this wonderful time of adjustment.

Gibsons said...

Annie and Mary think her nick name should be Mare Bear...