Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Keeping up with the Pierces

Neither Lisa nor I are photographers by nature. We've joked about how we have almost no pictures from our marriage because we just don't take pictures. Even if we bring a camera somewhere with us, inevitably we forget about it entirely and we return home with no photographic evidence of our joyous occasion. It's just the way it is.

But, we're trying to be better about it with Mary. It helps, of course, that we just think she's the cutest thing in the world. We also know that we have friends and family who do not see us on a regular basis, and this blog is a means of keeping everyone up to date on all things Mary. So, we hope you enjoy this blog and keeping up with our little girl. Okay, enough with the talk- let's get to some pictures.

Here's one that was taken right after a bath. Gotta love those hooded towels.

Here are a couple Mary poses. The first looks like a touchdown pose; the second is the classic frog-legs formation that all babies do (I think this was right before she destroyed this outfit with yet another massive digestive blowout).

Finally, here's a close up, for those who can't get enough Mary. =)

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Jenny said...

She is ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS Lisa!! Congratulations to you and Danny! i am sooo excited for you both and i can't wait to meet little Mary!! ; )