Saturday, January 28, 2012

first time photographer

this is the first time i've taken photos of someone besides my children.  i actually went to bali this week to be the photographer at a wedding, or to photograph a wedding... or whatever sounds the least professional and the most informal!  it was a very small (family only) wedding and it was my friend's sister getting married.  anyways, since i've never taken pictures of adults i asked a couple here to "model" for me so i could practice.  i had a great time!  here's the practice photos.  and the wedding photos will come later.

what do you see besides the couple in this picture?  the first thing danny noticed was the face in the tree... maybe because we just finished watching the Lord of the Rings series and he's all into finding "ents" in nature.  :)  not really, but we did just watch it and there is a face in this tree.  

thanks, kalyn and tony for modeling!  thanks sarah snape (a real photographer) for helping me always!  i didn't do much with photography the first few months i was here (i was a little busy doing other things... like learning to go grocery shopping or trying to find coffee in a foreign land) but i've really enjoying practicing and learning more these last few weeks.  


Emily said...

Um, LISA! You seriously are a photographer! Those are aMAzing photos!! Ok, you need to figure out how to do this for some money... I'm telling you the truth! Those are gorgeous! I will be checking your blog incessantly for the wedding pics. WOW.

lisa said...

thanks, em! i'm enjoying it a lot. it's fun for me. :) i'll put a few wedding photos up after i edit them. maybe you and andy can be my next models in CO this summer! :)

momof4 said...
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carrie said...

Lisa. You've got it girl. I'm so proud of you for stepping out and trying something you are interested in because you are gifted! It has to feel great to step out in what the Lord has put before you... and realize it is something you are actually quite good at! So so proud of you and so excited to see where He takes this gift while you are in a far away land. Email me, let's talk shop :)