Wednesday, August 1, 2012

dara + tim = merrily married

it's been a little busy and crazy here in america but i want to be sure to document all of the wonderful people we get to see and the fun things we get to do!

so, on to do on to more of our time in america... 


dara has been a dear friend of mine and kind of like a part of my family for 13 years.  i love her... and tim seems pretty wonderful also.  i'm so happy for them!

the wonderful wedding party.  look at that beautiful bride and her cut arms!  nice work, dara.  ;)

these are most of my dearest friends in the world.  we lived in boston together until last year when we moved (and many others are in cities throughout the states), so being back together again was AMAZING.  we had been dreaming, emailing and talking about it for months.  a little sad it's over but so thankful that dara planned her wedding around my time in the states.  thanks, you're a fab friend!    

danny, mary, and luke were also at the wedding.  it was just kind of a ROUGH day for them... still jet lagging and on the fourth new place in 10 days.  so, once they got to the wedding no pictures were taken.  i did however dance with mary in the indonesian baby sling for about an hour... i thought, if they weren't into the party i'd just attach her to me and make her go along with it.  :)  if i find pictures, i'll post them.  

i miss you girls much.  wish i could be there for your nuptials, canela!  

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Jami Nato said...

dude, you look amazing. and dara does too. duh.