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Luke: 2.2 years old

i'm not sure why i can't be on the ball and just get the birthday updates done when they happen but i always seem to be .2 years late.  :)  i just read the update from luke at 1.1 years old here and it was remarkable how much he is the same!

warning: this is long!  i just kept writing... we want to remember the little things from this age.  i'm not offended if you skim...  :)  

luke has been a roller coaster of emotions since birth.  usually he is so happy, silly and lovey, but sometimes he's not.  he is getting better and better at changing his attitude... when i talk to him about it he tries to stop his cry and says "happy hawt".  he's learning to have a happy heart.  sometimes when he just can't snap out of it i give him a moment in his room.  we tell him he can come out as soon as he's ready to have a good attitude... he never cries going in.  i think he needs the time to gather his emotions.  yesterday he was in there reading books for at least 15 minutes, then he says "mama, happy hawt!"  it's sweet and sometimes all this mama needs to gather my own emotions.  :)  

luke is a cuddler and a lover.  since he was tiny he has always wanted to be close (but he's not so gentle about it)... he smashes our faces together, does a body flop on my stomach and loves to wrestle.  he also is sweet with his affection.  he's just started randomly requesting kisses... he looks up at me with this sweet face and says "tis".  sometimes he wants to hold hands too... like when i'm driving.  it's a stretch for me but i try.  he loves his sister too.  just last night he was in bed for about 10 minutes and started sobbing!  i went in there and he said "monyee tis"... he forgot to get a kiss from mary and couldn't go to sleep without it.  he's sweet.  

his shot...
his cross over... 
he has a not so sweet side to him that we're working on... he hits mary.  if she says she doesn't want to play with him or if she has a toy he wants or sometimes just because she is laying on the ground and her back is too much of an irresistible target.  he always his her on the back.  he knows the consequence every time but he hasn't learned to control himself yet.  we are praying his little heart is changed through our discipline and training.  we are praying that his "passion" (that's the positive way of saying crazy emotions) are refined and used by God to love Him and others well.  

he still loves to play with balls.  he loves basketball... loves to dribble (and is kind of amazing at it, i might add), loves to pass and he's just started shooting in his little hoop.  when we're on the real court he sets up under the hoop just like a real basketball player to shoot... it goes about 1.8 feet.  :)  it's kind of remarkable how much he learns by watching.  we do a lot of watching basketball these days (i coach a team so he's around the gym a lot)... he sets up a one handed shot, snaps his wrist when he shoots, passes the ball with two hands.  it's crazy.  he also thinks of "drills" to play by himself... like throw the ball against the wall and catch it, over and over again.  he will throw and catch the ball with anyone for a long time.  he also loves soccer (unfortunately).  he knows less about this sport (probably because it's not our favorite) but he learned a lot from watching a local soccer tournament.  he kicks it high, he tries to dribble with his feet as he runs with the ball and sometimes he plays goal keeper and catches it like they do.  his favorite thing now is to set up the ball and take a few steps back.  he says "eight, nine, ten..." and then goes running and kicks the ball hard.  i'm glad he loves sports.  it's something our family really likes to do together and gives me and danny ample opportunities to play with our kids while doing something we like also.  :)  

luke loves animals too.  he likes finding lizards on our walls, he loves smashing ants with his bare hands and them bringing them to me.  saying "ant mati"... mati means dead in indonesian.  thank you, luke, for the dead ant.  if luke wakes up early he and danny sit outside in the mornings and watch the birds... he yells "burung!" (indonesian for bird) every time he sees one.  it's a sweet time for them. danny and i would not be considered animal lovers... at all.  so, we encourage luke's interest in animals by going on walks and letting him look at all of the random animals you can see along the streets here... cats, dogs, chickens, goats and sometimes monkeys.  that might be all the animal exposure he gets as a kid.  :)

luke's language is an interesting thing right now.  he speaks english and indonesian and i'm pretty sure he doesn't know the difference at this point.  there are a lot of words that he knows in both languages... he used to say them both (like, "panas! hot!) but that is kind of fading.  he still uses both languages but usually just says one word.  as his language is progressing i can see his english is advancing faster than his indonesian.  he says more complete phrases in english... "here you go, mama" or "what happened" or his new favorite "what you doing, mama?"  a lot of his basic phrases are still in indonesian "mau makan" (want to eat) or "ini apa?" (what is this?).  mostly he mixes his sentences... "mau mama play soccer" or "mau water dingin" (want cold water).  we really hope that he continues to learn both languages.  after being in language school as an adult... well, it's just easier to learn while playing when you're 2 i think.  

thankful.  at dinner every night we *try* to ask what each person is thankful for from the day.  luke loves to ask the question and it sounds like this... "daddy bodoh?" not sure where he got "bodoh" but it means thankful (interestingly: 'bodoh' means 'stupid' in Indonesian).  when we ask him, 95% of the time he says "bah-did-ball!!!!" (basketball).  and if i don't say i'm thankful for basketball he reminds me to add basketball to my thankful list.  sometimes he says soccer and sometimes he will say a person, but usually it's basketball.  at least he's honest.  

he has just recently gotten really into making funny faces (as the previous post shows).  he thinks he is SO funny.  he does it all of the time and just waits for everyone in the room to start laughing.  sometimes i fake laugh really hard (like my body is shaking) and he thinks i'm serious and he loves it!  he joins right in the laughter but his is real.  it's so cute.  it's funny to me that he knows he is funny and intends to make people laugh.  

he loves his sister!  though he hits her often, he adores her.  he always wants her to play with him and will play about anything she suggests.  they sit and laugh together, wrestle together and play chase (which usually ends in tears from someone), the play soccer.  he is her student, her dog, her baby... whatever really.  he likes being with her.  it's sweet.  

"and i'm out, ladies and gents..."

random things that no one cares about but the parents... 
**right now luke sleeps well and easily.  we lay him down and he rarely cries.  this is different than a year ago.  he has zero consistency about wake up time in the morning... sometimes he goes a week waking at 6:15am and then suddenly it's 8:15am.  we prefer the 8:15 mornings.  :)  he goes to bed around 8pm and naps from 1-3:30 usually.
**he LOVES milk!!!  like, would drink a gallon if we let him.  and often times his bad attitude moments come when he is told he can't have his third cup on milk before 8am.  :)  he's allowed 2. 
**he is hit or miss with eating.  sometimes he eats so much and is fine with "adult food".... like chicken pot pie, indian food, soup.  other times we can hardly get him to eat two bites of something he likes.  before we kind of gave up the battle... it was ruining all evenings and not worth it for the sake of our family.  he's getting better now and it's less than weekly that we have a long battle at the dinner table.  he loves: peanut butter sandwich, dragon fruit, oranges, oatmeal, raisins, crackers, rice, ayam cekap and sate ayam (indoneisan food).  
**he loves my phone and can find the pictures/videos better than danny... usually he watches himself playing basketball.
**he still won't sit and watch a video for more than about 4 minutes.  honestly, i look forward to the day when a video entertains him for an entire 30 minutes!  elmo is our best chance right now.  

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