Wednesday, August 7, 2013

visa run take two.

so, we went to singapore last week to get our visas... and it was successful!  praise God!  we are legal in indonesia for 2 years.  our friends came with us because they were in a similar (or much more difficult) visa journey as us.  it was fun to hang out and explore new places with them.  

we went to the kids' section of the botanical garden one day.  there were big slides, sand, a splash pad and some other stuff.  it was good times.

and of course i didn't bring swimsuits.  i'm that mom, all the time.  

then we saw a real playground in little india (which had delicious food carts!).  

the big girls did a lot of helping with luke... and luke loves being their buddy.  thank you for all you helped him with and all the times you entertained him, girls!  :)

we had a lot of pool time.  mary just kind of hangs out in her tube.  this pool didn't have a shallow end or steps so i was really thankful for the tube (otherwise i would have been holding her the whole time).  

i got a spray bottle at ikea.  oh, how i love ikea!  luke loved the spray bottle too.  

and we had a family night out to chili's... and i had chips, three different dips and red wine for dinner.  it was pretty amazing.  :)  it was such a fun family night for us!  danny and i loved the food and the kids did so well.  we laughed a lot and had a really fun dinner out (doesn't always happen with young ones).  and did i mention that i love, love, love chili's chips and salsa.

and these cars, which were stationary because i'm not one to pay for cars to move for 45 seconds, entertained the kids for so long.  they play together.  together!  laughing, pretending, talking.  it was glorious.  they do a lot of not playing together, a lot of protecting their toys from being snatched and intentionally annoying one another so this was a glorious time.  

and lastly, we picked up a new family member at ikea.  meet ruby.  she is mary's new baby.  she went everywhere with us, got a passport and a ticket to board the plane.  she's cute.  

now we're home and plan on staying here for a while.  we've been thankful for the time we've had as a family as we've travelled for our visas but are very ready to just be home.  we're getting to know people in our neighborhood and the kids have started to make friends.  we've had neighbors at our house for hours this week as it's the biggest holiday of the year here.  we look forward to settling into our new home and neighborhood, with new visas in hand.  


the Jennings secede from the South said...

I'm that mom too. I always forget wipes, diapers, my phone...

June said...

Micah keeps using the toy phone to call a taxi - then, he asks for Luke, Mary, Eli, Ben, Lisa, Naomi, Carolyn... :) so cute. we miss you guys and are glad the visas went through