Monday, August 26, 2013

a look at our home... from the outside.

welcome to our home... 

in indonesia all houses are built side by side (sharing walls) and all have gates (unless you live in a gate-less community but those are very rare).  so our house is the one with the grey and black gate.  we really love our new home and especially our neighborhood.  one day i will take pictures of the inside... one day maybe.  :)
we sit outside our gate many afternoons and kids begin to gather.  i put my camera away when they come so i can interact and watch my kids so i don't have any photos of the kids playing.  but our kids are really making friends on our street and i'm so thankful!  it is known now that we have about every time of ball that can be bought here (we are a sports loving family) so the kids gather around and play... we're teaching them baseball, basketball and football, the important ones.  :)  

a view of our street.  i really like our street... it's a brick street with bright orange curbs, lined with tons of green trees.  it's really colorful (as most things are here) and there is something about it i love... and as i write how colorful it is i'm not sure why i chose to include a black and white photo.  oh well, next time.  the sun also sets behind mary every evening and brings in really pretty light.  

we also have a lovely (or totally disgusting) "creek" of water in front of our house... it's in front of every home.  it's the drainage system or something.  it's black, filled with trash, dead animals and mosquitos and doesn't flow... ever.  mary is sitting above it in the photo above.  i have a very high tolerance for germs, but that thing grosses me out!!!

people don't make plans here like we do in america, so we just kind of hang out outside and wait until kids come out.  we eat our snacks outside, luke sprays ants with water (a favorite past time), and we just bring whatever outside so people know we're up for playing.  

luke and his crazy face with the huge bruise on his forehead... he's all boy.

this is a terribly blurry photo but i love it because mary is looking at luke and laughing at him being silly... there is something about the look in her face that shows she is really enjoying her brother.  those moments come but not always, so it's sweet.

luke is "be right back" as we call it.

mary proudly writing hers and luke's names

and if i were to guess, luke is drawing a guitar pick.  his drawing of choice these days.

now we're off to the "court" in our neighborhood.  there is a big slab of concrete that kids play soccer on and ride bikes.  it's nice because there are a lot of trees so it's often shaded (a big plus here!).  there are also some treacherous 1970's playground bars... but we take what we can get so we play on them.  

climbing together... :)

mary looking amazingly athletic.  confession, i think she ran past the ball and didn't end up kicking it... but the photo makes her look like she's going to kick it with her back leg in motion.  one day, mary, one day.  

and this is luke's favorite face these days.  he loves to do it to people looking at him across the room (i catch him doing it to random indonesians sometimes), when he talks to my parents on skype and especially when i'm trying to have a serious "talk" with him about the need to obey.  i used to bust out laughing (because i wasn't expecting the face)... now i am strong and laugh in my heart.  :)  

and here are a few people that passed our house as i was sitting outside.  i haven't figured out how to take good photos of people passing my house in motion yet... but one day i will and you will see the many things you can buy and services you can receive from a person passing your house on a bicycle.  :)  

this is our cute neighbor who the kids love!  nenek mul, aka 'grandma' mul  

and this guy was yelling "sepatu" (shoe) as he rode by, indicating that he is ready to fix any shoes that may need repairs.  i love how different life is here (usually).  :)

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Emily said...

I love these photos and description of your days! You guys have assimilated so well. Love you!