Tuesday, September 24, 2013

instagram upload...

here's our life via my phone.  :)

they started watching doc mcstuffins occasionally and now love to give "check ups"

a display of mary's imaginary world... that is jesus in the tan hat with his "followers"

"look mom!  i put my undies on myself!"

this the the sewing machine used to make danny's custom shirt for $5.  the dude didn't use electricity!!

our local bucket seller walking by our house

birthday kisses for daddy
luke and his buddies.  they're so cute!

luke and his ever present audience.  we were playing badminton... which was clearly very entertaining.  :)
luke playing with the big boys

...and looking a little too much like a big boy!

mary's amazing head piece... which she wore and it kind of grew on me.  :)  but, for the record, i did fix it a bit.

mary has recently really been into having indonesian books read to her... a big step for her!

dweeb alert!  on his way to school.  :)

sweet brother and sister.

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