Saturday, October 19, 2013

idul adha

last week was a big holiday in indonesia, called idul adha.  it is in remembrance of a sacrifice being provided to Abraham when he was told to sacrifice his son.  thousands of cows and goats are sacrificed in mosques and neighborhoods.  at the mosque in our neighborhood 8 cows and 25 goats were sacrificed... i only saw a few of them, but i've never seen anything like it.  

here's a look into the morning...

this is our sweet neighbor, luke's buddy's grandma

this is a becak (bike with seats in front) carrying all of the newspaper that was used on the ground during prayer

and i will stop at this photo.  you can imagine what happens next.  

it was actually a really fun day in our neighborhood.  all of the animals were tied up outside of the mosque and many of the kids and moms come to look at them.  we went and fed the goats with the kids' friends.  mary realized what was happening (though didn't see anything actually happen... just some blood) and had a ton of questions.  luke was oblivious, just trying to pet the goats and bulls.  

the meat is then cleaned and distributed to the those in need.  there was a gathering of about 250 women who waited 5+ hours for their coupon to get their 2lbs of meat.  that night we went to a friend's house and made goat sate (grilled meat on a stick).  i really love learning about the culture here and experiencing it.  even though we don't celebrate what the day represents, it is good for my heart to see things like this... the need to pray is so real and my love for the people grows.  


Jami Nato said...

these pictures are fascinating!

Alina said...

Hi! This is Alina from Thailand! Remember me?
This is the first time I have ever read your blog, and I LOVE IT! Your pictures in this post were beautiful! You have a really great eye and I loved seeing a bit of your host culture. Fun. Keep on writing!