Tuesday, October 29, 2013

angels, i tell you.

last week i found a spot for photos that looked green and with a potential of seeing the sunset... not easy to find in this very dense, concrete city!  so i decided to take the kids there and try to *bribe them* to let me take photos.  it started out great... for about three seconds.  then, we saw the tiny red ants all over the place.  and, mary got her mad face on... she's got a good one.  

then came the pouty face... she also has a good one of those.  we had to relocate to the street... sad.  next time, i'm going with a can of bug spray and i will be victorious.  :)

luke had his "fake smile" debut... 

a small fact about luke... he's frequently "be right back" as i call it.  something will catch his eye (almost always the wind blowing trees) and he will just stare. it's like he's gone to another world and he'll "be right back".  he's done it since he was a baby and i think it's so weird that he still does it.  so weird and so cute.  

and i got one, genuine smile from mary... she has mastered her cheesy smile, as seen in the family photo  in the above header.  :)  but, that real smile... love it!

note of honesty: it's actually been a rough week or so with the kids... just rough.  so, to keep it real, life in our home does not always look like the first angelic photo of the kids loving one another.  they have sweet, sweet moments... but they are usually moments.  in fact, many times it looks like luke coloring on mary's masterpiece, mary sobbing and luke deciding to hit her while she's sobbing, just as the cherry on top.  they are adorable and i'm so thankful i love them... but man, do i need Jesus throughout my day.  like, really need Him.

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